Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time for a classroom meeting

After lunch today I was DONE with mean words! I told my children we were going to have a class meeting about some of the things that I had been noticing in our classroom. I told them I had seen a lot of
- Mean words (you ugly, that’s not right, and the most popular you a fast cheeseburger"
- Tattle tailing (with NO other purpose than trying to get peers in trouble)
- Whining
- I can't I can't I can't- drives me CRAZY

I asked what they thought and if they were seeing the same things that I did. They all said yes, and that they didn't like when people said mean words because it made them angry and sad. I tried to explain to them that if children feel scared at school and are worried about what their class mates are saying about them they won’t be able to learn.

I feel like as much as first graders can they listened and they understood what I was talking about. I told them my moms rule always was "treat others like you want to be treated". Hopefully this will make a difference in our classroom atmosphere!

- A sick of whining Miss Hansen

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