Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First graders invade UC!

I am working on planning a field trip for the first grade students to visit The University of Cincinnati’s campus in April. We will start by meeting several UC Football players in Nippert Stadium to talk about how important it is to stay and school and attend college. They will have time to ask the players questions and play ball on the field.
Next we will tour UC’s recreation center stopping in the basketball courts to play basketball.

After the tour we will eat lunch in Annies Law Conference room in Teachers College where the students get to sit at “big tables” and swivel chairs (this will be what they talk about for a week ☺). Finally we will spend time in a large classroom. The children are going to do some “work” and we will finish with something like, “you saw all these fun things that you get to do at college, but in order to get to college you have to go to school”. To follow up the activity the children will write thank you notes to the players and answer the question “when I grow up I want to be”.

I feel like too often children aren’t really introduced to the idea/ the importance of college until close to the 8th grade. Why not expose children at a young age to college and get them excited about education while they still have a love for education.

- An excited Miss Hansen

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