Saturday, December 18, 2010

Side Note

I forgot to mention that my wonderful fiancĂ©e Logan took a day off work (which is big for him!) to come spend the day with me in the classroom. He got to see my children perform in the winter show, be there to help me pass out our gifts, eat lunch with all the teachers, and celebrate when the children got their gifts from Santa.
I think after seeing what he did on Friday he will understand a little bit more of what I talk and worry about. He loved being there interacting with the children and even recognized several names from the homework he had helped me grade over the quarter. The children loved asking him questions and of course thought it was "grosssss" we were getting married!
I am so thankful to have a man willing to take the time to come into my other world. He really is the best!!!

- Miss Hansen

A Whole New Look on Gifts

Some of the classes (like mine) are fortunate enough to have a companies sponsor their class. Our class is sponsored by some amazing people at MetLife. Every week, 3 or 4 of them come in to work with our kids, either playing games or working on school work. While the monetary aspect is very nice and important I think the program is great because it gives our children role models- especially the boys!

About a month ago we ask the students what they wanted from Santa for Christmas. We sent the list to MetLife and hoped the would be able to find people to "adopt" a child to buy the gift.

Friday afternoon our MetLife Friends walk into the room with 12 pizzas. The kids go wild!! I had several eat 3 or 4 pieces and they all inhaled their juice box and cookies. There was a buzz of excitement bouncing between every child and adult in the room. We then sang our Christmas songs to them and in walked Santa!!
 He brought a gift for every child in our class. I helped Santa with some of our more "unique" names and watched as the kids waited patiently to open their gift.
For the second time that day I was in tears. Watching them, knowing that this would most likely be the only new gift they got this year, and their reactions... well I can't even come up with words to describe how it felt.
I wouldn't go so far to say that as a kid I got whatever I asked for, but I was always sure their would be a few (if not several) gifts waiting for me under the tree every year. But these kids, well they left with 2 new books, a stuffed animal, and a new toy (that they "really really really wanted") and for all you know this will be the Christmas they remember. The Christmas where they felt loved and appreciated. The Christmas where they knew that someone was listening when they talked, whether it was Santa or not, someone cared.

As I read over the post I know that it doesn't bring justice to the moments I saw.  But I also know that I will try my best to not fly through opening my gifts, tossing them to the side, in a "yea yea yea" kind of matter, to see what comes next. And I hope to teach my own kids that they are special and are lucky to have the life they do, that not every child gets to experience Christmas like us and to be thankful for every gift under that tree.

So this year as you open your gifts, even when you don't get what you "really really wanted", just remember someone took the time to show you they cared.

- A Very Very Thankful Miss Hansen

Breath stopping moments

I wish I was allowed to post a video of my children's faces when they received their brand new hard cover Dr. Seuss book and matching stuff animal. As they tore open the wrapping there was a mix of smiles, shocked looks, and pure amazement. I was asked "is this all mine" and "do I get to keep this" about a million times! One of our newest boys (who I referred to in the post about hungry kids) jumped up and ran to give me a hug. He looked up at me and said "Miss Hansen this is just want I wanted for Christmas". I started crying and had goose bumps all over.
I was so pleased that they liked the gift and were so excited to start reading. I sent them back to their seats and told them to read/ look at the pictures with their new reading buddy. Once again only a picture really gets across how precious they all looked. Some held up the book to show the pictures while others said their pal was reading to them. It was a great way to start the day!!
- A Teary-Eyed Miss Hansen

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amazing moment

With the help of some amazing people in my life I had the opportunity to give several children new winter jackets this week. I choose students based on their needs, two were wearing zip ups as their winter coats and the others have very large families so they don't get new things very often.
I have had to change my expectations of the children since I started working here. A few got very excited for their new winter wear but most of them were speechless (which for my kids means a lot!). I know that they are excited and appreciative, they just don't always know how to show it.

Thank you to all of you who have helped me! You have made a child warm this winter!!
-Miss Hansen