Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who's Responsibility is it?

I seem to keep coming back to this issue, should we hold children accountable for their parent’s responsibilities?

Homework requires parent signature- parent or child’s responsibility?

Child can’t attend field trip because they are frequently tardy- parent or child’s responsibility?

We say “tell your mom and dad you have to get to school on time” but in reality, how much control does a 7 year old have?!? I am going to say not a whole lot! So if we keep the child back from a field trip, especially one that might expose them to something they may never encounter again, are we doing it to “prove a point” or because we really feel that the child is not doing their job?

- A Not Convinced Miss Hansen

1 comment:

  1. When education happens in the field, it's not an optional "trip," it's curriculum.

    The system blames teachers for kid deficits, teachers punish kids for parent deficits.

    Punitive measures hurt everyone and help no one.

    HA! I've been tweeting too much, cause all I have to say comes out in sound bytes.